What We Live By

Our culture defines who we are… the values we share and the practice we set out. It is embodied in what we say and do.

Building A Winning Team

Philippine Vending Corporation invests in the continued development of its people by retaining talented and dependable employees to ensure the delivery of service our client expects. We favor ability over experience, and we lavish our people with a workplace where their talents can be challenged, and their efforts are recognized and rewarded.

Since 1997, PVC has developed a strong culture built on respect, trust, faith, esteem, career fulfillment and growth. We make sure our employees are healthy, happy, well-compensated and having fun doing their jobs to uphold our objective to build meaningful relationships with our clients, business partners, suppliers, and guests. Our culture empowers us to persistently raise our standards on providing break-through innovations, and award-winning service.

Developing Strong Relationships

Our people share a common aspiration to be the very best whether serving our customers, working together or contributing to the community. We work to deliver unparalleled service and innovation supported by people who represent a wealth of experience.

Our strength is in passionately focusing on excellence in service and relationships by increasing transparency, respect for rules, solidarity in implementing major decisions, diversity, and mutual support in challenging times.

Delivering The Highest Level Of Service

PVC’s culture permeates in everything we do from operations, and accounting to our customer service. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. We take pride in making significant result to demonstrate our ingenuity to anticipate their need.

Our Partners

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